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    What are the basics of buying mosaics?

    Author: Source:Huapai Mosaic | Shahe Mosaic | Xingtai Mosaic | Huapai glass | Xingtai Huapai Glass Products Co., Ltd.  Published:2018-04-16 14:47:10 Views:2385times   Baidu

    Nowadays, mosaics have been built with modern craftsmanship, showing a diversity of development trends in color, texture, and specifications, and the quality is getting better. The various changes in the mosaic have greatly satisfied the extraordinary creativity of designers and home DIY enthusiasts. They are gradually getting rid of the decorative shackles that serve only the kitchen and the bathroom, and have been listed in the decoration of the living room and turned into TV walls , decorative columns and staircase. The mosaic has become the new favorite of modern decoration materials.
    So how do we choose the right mosaic? What are the basics of buying mosaics?

    The first, glass mosaic with stripes and other decorations, ,the application area of its decoration is over 20% of the total area, and the division is even.

    Second, the back of a single glass mosaic should have zigzag or stepped grooves, such as fiber mesh, so that the paving will be more strength.

    Thirdly, in addition to guaranteeing the adhesive strength, the adhesive should be washed away from the glass mosaic. and the adhesive cannot damage the fiber mesh or discolor the glass mosaic.

    Fourth, in  the natural light, from the height of about 40cm in the mosaic to check whether there are cracks, flaws, missing edges, and missing corners. 

    Fifth, random selection of nine glass mosaic to form square in well-lit places. in 1.5 meters from the distance to see if the luster is uniform, if uneven gloss, damage the appearance of the wall.