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    What are the features of glass Mosaic?

    Author: Source:Huapai Mosaic | Shahe Mosaic | Xingtai Mosaic | Huapai glass | Xingtai Huapai Glass Products Co., Ltd.  Published:2018-04-16 14:49:35 Views:2345times   Baidu

    Glass mosaic has the advantages of soft colors, simple, elegant, beautiful, chemical stability, and good cold and heat stability. And there are no color change, no dust, light weight, bonding and other characteristics, which are mainly used in indoor and balcony outside decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, high temperature resistance, water resistance and acid resistance all meet national standards. Including crystal glass mosaic, 3D glass mosaic, Venus glass mosaic, pearl light glass mosaic, cloud glass mosaic, metal mosaic and other series